Crystallography & Drug Design

Last update: 24 August 2001


Third International Conference on CRYSTALLOGRAPHY AND DRUG DESIGN


1-3 September 2001, arrival on Friday 31st Agust afternoon.
Just after 20th European Crystallographic Meeting in Krakow


Lodz-Arturowek, Poland
Lodz is the second largest city in Poland (about 700.000 inhibitants) situated
130 km west-south of Warsaw.
Conference site is a rest-house in large forest, about 7 km from the city centre.

Main Subjects

Conference Fee

Students pay half of the fee.
Estimated costs of accommodation and meals are: US $55 (single) or US $40
(double occupancy room) a day.
Early reservation is recommended.
A package of US $200 covers all costs (up to 4 nights)


Bank : PKO S.A. II O/Lodz
Account number: 10801154-5542-300-80100
please indicate: "CDD'01 - prof. M. Glowka"

Polish Participants

International Union of Crystallography Sponsorship


Good athmosphere only.

Conference Programme

Other Presentations

Participants are encouraged to present interesting results of their work in form of poster or an oral communication. An abstract, together with suggested presentation form, should be send (by e-mail or air-mail) to Organizing Committee as soon as possible (not later than August 15th). Please remember that the results presented at the Conference should be related to X-ray crystallography.

IUCr Scientific Freedom Policy Statement

Organizing Committee

prof. dr hab. Marek L. Glowka - chairman
mgr Krystyna Kozlowska - secretary
dr Waldemar Maniukiewicz
dr Andrzej Olczak,
mgr Zbigniewa Olubek
Jerzy Perka


Postal adress: Institute of General & Ecological Chemistry
Technical University of Lodz
ul. Zwirki 36
90-924 Lodz
Phone: +48(42)6313121